The strongest connection that a person has in life is the direct connection with the mother from the embryonic stage to the infant stage. People are connected by a direct channel through which the necessary influx of vital, formative resources arrives. Distraction from relationship processes can lead to negligent behavior of the mother towards the future person.
The Connection project immerses you in the endless, closed flow of relationship with the embryo. This is an interactive video installation with an immersive element that allows you to tune in to the visual processes of graphics and audio content by reading the user's pulse and playing it in a more accelerated mode, characteristic of a person in the womb.
This installation uses two web cameras: one to film the user, and the second to work with visual content and create an area to display it.
Инструменты: Arduino, TouchDesigner,
Resolume Arena 6, Ableton
Преподаватель: Павел Парахонич
Руководитель: –Da. Магистратура Цифровое искусство
Год создания: 2020
Формат: Интерактивный мэппинг,
видео документация
Музыка: Полина Алещенко
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