The rehabilitation sanatorium "Sadgorod" is located in a picturesque forested area on the shore of the Amur Bay in the suburbs of Vladivostok. It began accepting patients in 1971. Within its walls, a unique method of treating patients with spinal injuries was used. What the health resort is now is a non-stop decay under the influence of a powerful force of destruction: human indifference and parasitism.

The immersive VR project "Health Resort" allows you not only to explore the body of the sanatorium and its sound memories from the inside through three immersive scenarios, but also to connect your personal experience with the physical state of "health" of the building at the time of the viewer's presence.
Коллаборатор: Владислав Кононков
Инструменты: камера Ricoh Theta Z1, TouchDesigner, Ableton
Преподаватель: Ильдар Якубов
Руководитель: –Da. Магистратура Цифровое искусство
Год создания: 2019
Формат: иммерсивный VR контент,
видео 360
Sound Design: Полина Алещенко
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