This project reveals a set of sounds inaccessible to human perception and demonstrates the multi-layered sound environment, which contains a complex of anthropogenic processes. An inaudible layer does not mean non-existent. Trying to avoid one (external noise pollution) by using headphones interferes with the second. While the alternating electromagnetic radiation of sound waves is a hidden level that, inaudibly, is constantly present.
Hidden tones is a project consisting only of recorded samples from a photoresistor and a coil recording oscillations of electromagnetic radiation, collected into an organized (musical) composition without the use of a synthesizer or any samples of a different nature.
Инструменты: Аrduino, Ableton
Преподаватель: Борис Шершенков
Руководитель: –Da. Магистратура Цифровое искусство
Год создания: 2019
Формат: Видео
Музыка: Полина Алещенко
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